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Translucent Bug with Thin Legs Found in Bathroom Could be a Flea Larva or a Centipede

“I found this thing in the bathroom!” writes Sade about the little black bug in the picture below. “Horrifying! It seemed to have fallen off somewhere – either from the toilet or the toilet paper hanging beside the toilet as I didn’t see it when I first opened the toilet, then noticed something plopped into the water a second after. I hope it didn’t come from me!” Upon zooming in on the photo, the organism looks to have legs, and a translucent body. That said, the photo is taken in quite poor lighting, and the resolution is not the best, so we will say that any identifications we make are educated guesses, and are not 100% certain.

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Red-striped Worm in Toilet Bowl is a Tiger Worm

“I found this worm in my toilet bowl”, states this reader in Turkey about the red-striped worm pictured below. “I had not used this toilet for almost 24 hours. It looks like an earthworm. But I also wonder if it could be some sort of parasite. Thanks for any comment.” Based on the excellent image our reader sent in, we would say this is an earthworm, specifically a tiger worm. These creatures, otherwise known as red wigglers or red Californians, are completely harmless creatures, just like the common earthworm. They are not parasitic, and they do not bite or sting, so our reader needs not worry for her health and safety.

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Translucent, Pink-white Worm Found in Toilet May be an Earthworm

“What is this worm?” asks this reader in her submission regarding the long, translucent worm pictured below. “I am not sick – no symptoms of gastric problems.”

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Weird Looking Object Found in Daughter’s Stool; Where Her Parent Can Seek Medical Advice

“My daughter had this weird-looking object in her stool” says this reader about the long, thin piece of matter pictured below. Our reader states that the “odd shaped worm” has not moved, but is worrying them “to death”.

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Long Red Worm Found at Bottom of Toilet is a Bloodworm

“What kind of worm is this?” asks this reader in the submission she sent us. “I went to the bathroom and went to flush and saw it at the bottom,” she continues, referring to the long, red worm pictured below.

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Dark Worm Found in Toilet Bowl is an Earthworm

“I just saw this in my toilet bowl. Help?” asks this reader in her submission. She is referring to the seemingly dark brown creature photographed below, who is sticking out into visible part of the toilet bowl.

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Long, Black Worm Found in Toilet is a Horsehair Worm

A long, black worm-like organism was found in the toilet after this reader flushed it. Our reader, who is based in Chennai, India, asks us what this “worm or creature” is.

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Dark Brown Worm Found in Toilet is a Caterpillar

“I found this strange-looking, dark brown worm in my toilet, just floating there,” states this reader about the organism pictured below. She thinks it was already there before she used the toilet, and she asks if we know what the creature is.

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Purplish-brown Worm-like Creature Found in Toilet Could Be a Black Cutworm

“I found this worm/larva in the toilet bowl on top of one of my bowel movements,” says this reader about the purplish, brown creature in the photo below. He has no idea if the creature came from him or if it was already in the toilet, and he asks if we can identify it for him.

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Long, Dark and Striped Worm in Toilet is a Pheretima Earthworm

A black and white-striped worm of considerable length was found by this reader in his toilet in the morning. After finding our website, which “seem(s) to be an authority on worms!” (thank you very much), he hopes we can tell him if the worm is anything to worry about.

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Stripey Red Worm in Toilet in Scotland is a Red Wiggler

A long stripey, red worm was found in a toilet in Southern Scotland by this reader on the first floor of his home. He wonders if we can tell him what it is.

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Air BnB Guest Find Two Drain Fly Pupae in the Toilet

A reader of ours found two worm-like creatures in a toilet at an Air BnB and wonders if we have any thoughts as to what they might be. The creatures in question appear to be black and white in coloration, with a segmented body striped black and white, a sharply-pointed tail, and a bulkier head sprouting two antennae.

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Tiny, Tan Worms in Arizona Home are Sewage Worms

Tiny worms are being consistently found by this reader in his Arizona home. The worms in question appear to be tan in color, and are 1-inch in length, according to our reader.

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Long Worm Found in Toilet is a Lumbricus Rubellus Earthworm

A reader recently sent in this image of a long, brown worm she found in her toilet. She is trying to determine if the worm is an earthworm or an intestinal parasite.

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Red-striped Worm in Toilet is a Red Midge Fly Larva

A man from the UK recently sent in this image of a small, thin, red-striped worm found on the rim of his toilet bowl. According to him, the worm is 1cm (0.39-inches) in length and was found after his son had used the toilet.

worm from bowel movement
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Reader That Found Worm in Bowel Movement Should Seek Medical Care

Our reader found a worm in her bowel movement, so we think it might be a parasite. However, since we aren’t licensed professionals, we can’t provide medical advice of any kind, and therefore encourage her to see a doctor ASAP.

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Is Worm The Cause of Child’s Sickness?

We believe the worm that our reader found in her toilet came from her pipes, not her body! We are confident it is an earthworm, not a parasite! Of course, if she is convinced that it came from her body, she should see a doctor ASAP since we are not licensed medical professionals. 

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Is Red Worm in Toilet Parasitic?

We don’t think the red worm our reader found in her toilet is a parasite, rather we believe it is either an earthworm or a bloodworm. Of course, it is good that she went to see a doctor, and she should refer to them for medical advice on the matter!

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Earthworm or Intestinal Parasite?

The red worms our reader has been finding in his toilet are earthworms, not intestinal parasites. That being said, if our reader is truly worried about his health, he needs to address those concerns with a medical professional who is licensed to give medical advice!

Horsehair worm by nail
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Long, Red Worms in the Toilet

We recently received a question through the All About Worms Facebook page about “two red worms in the toilet bowl.” The worms were “10 cm long, thin, like one millimeter in diameter, and alive, even in the water, they were still moving.” The reader didn’t actually ask for an identification, but instead asked if the worms might be parasites. This is his main concern, and we will focus on this question, although the answer is of course tied to what exactly the reader found, so we’ll touch on the matter of identification as well. What might the red worm in the toilet be, and are they parasitic?