Woolly Worms or Wooly Bear six red segments
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Woolly Worms and Winter: Foreteller or Folklore?

Summary: Do the stripes of woolly worms stripes predict the length or severity of winter? It’s a long standing folk…

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Black Wooly Worm Habits

Prior to settling in for the winter, the wooly worm will survive by eating a variety of plants such as cabbage, spinach, grass, and clover. And to protect itself from predators, the wooly worm will curl up into a ball, exposing only its bristles, which can be quite irritating to the skin.

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Can Woolly Worms Really Predict the Winter?

In the American Northeast, it is believed that if the woolly worm has more brown on its body than black, it will be a fair winter. If the woolly worm has more black than brown, the winter will be harsh.