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White Worms Found in Puppy’s Play Area are Clothes Moth Larvae

“I live in South Carolina, and woke up this morning to dozens of these”, states this reader concerning the white larva-like creature pictured below. “What are they, how can I get rid of them and prevent them in the future?” she asks.

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Cluster of Tiny Clear-white Worms are Pine Catkin Sawfly Larvae

“This morning I went outside to find one of her dog toys absolutely covered in these tiny worms/maggots,” states this reader in her submission. The worms she is referring to appear to be an off-white color, with semi-transparent skin and segmented bodies.

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Small White Organisms Found on Wooden Structures in Home are Woodworms

“We have been finding small white things (as well as other strange things) all around our house for at least a year now,” states this reader in her submission regarding the organisms displayed in the photographs below. She describes the situation as an “ongoing and life-consuming nightmare” and appreciates any advice we can give her about the creatures’ identity and how to get rid of them.

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Whitish Worms on Shower Curtain Could Be Clothes Moth Larvae or Fall Armyworms

“Last night I was getting in the shower and everything was going fine until I look up and there are dozens of tiny whitish worms just chilling on my shower curtain,” begins this reader in his query. Based in Northern Worcester County in Massachusetts, our reader asks that we tell him what these creatures are and how to get rid of them.

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White Worm-like Creature That Eats Through Wood, Porcelain and Ceramic is a Mystery

“There appears to be a worm on the floor along with white dots that are eggs I guess,” states this reader, who thinks she may have found pinworms in her home. The worms in question appear to be white in color, with a flat body.