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Yellow Worm Dangling from Silk Line is a Clothes Moth Caterpillar

“Any idea what this worm is?” asks Luke in his submission regarding the tiny, yellow, worm-like creature pictured below. “It looks very similar to a meal moth larva but more yellow, with a larger spot on its back, and a light colored head. I found it dangling from a really thin silk line off a tree.” Now, if it were not for that last piece of context, we would have identified this as a mealworm (which is not to be confused with the Indianmeal moth larva that Luke mentions). Mealworms are larvae of darkling beetles, but as such, they cannot produce silk/web like many species of caterpillars can. This is why context is so important. Without that piece of information, we would have provided a false identification (which is not to say that we have not provided incorrect identifications in the past, even with ample context: we’re only human after all!).