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Translucent Worms with Squiggly Red Insides Under Plant Pots are Sludge Worms

“I found these worms under my plant pots in the balcony garden”, writes this reader in his submission regarding the clear worm with red entrails pictured below. “They are hair-thin and they move in water at a good speed with snake-like movement. When I took a picture and zoomed in I found they have dots at one end of the body — the tail end I would assume. They look really frail, thread-like alarmist hair like. Three-to-five centimeters (1.2-2-inches) long and there’s quite a few of them in wet places under plant pots, fallen leaf debris, etc, after two days of rain. I wanna know if these are parasitic. And how to kill these without killing my plants. I’m from Maldives.”

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Array of Worm-like Critters Invade Home, Including Microscopic Worms From Faucets

“Translucent, striped, microscopic, hairlike worms in Miami Beach apartment water faucets”, writes this reader in her submission regarding the array of organisms pictured below. “I had previously found this after bathing my dog with Septol. This nightmare never ends. Now I noticed they come from our faucets. What is going on? I’m so scared. Thanks for your help.” The first thing we want to bring attention to is our use of the phrase “array of organisms”; we do think our reader is actually dealing with multiple different organisms that are not necessarily related. For example, the yellowing, segmented worm-like creature pictured below looks to us like a fly larva (maggot). People can commonly get these during the summer as flies enter the home and lay eggs in one’s organic compost. The best way to tackle these is to consistently throw out compost and larvae in trash cans outside, keep one’s kitchen clean, and maybe buy fly traps if the issue is bad enough.

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Pink Worms Showing Up After Heavy Rain are Tubificid Worms

“What are these things?” asks this reader in his submission regarding the pink, translucent worm pictured below. “I live in Phoenix, AZ and these came out after very heavy rain. They washed up in the flooded water onto my patio. I have attached photos. Transparent and small, I photographed them with a toothpick for size reference. Thank you in advance.” To start with, we want to thank our reader for the excellent photo. We can see in such detail the minute physical characteristics, such as entrails visible through the worm’s clear skin, which is really helpful. Likewise, the context he provided is also super helpful. Both of these things together have led us to identify this worm as a tubificid worm.

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Clump of Red Worms in Toilet is a Mass of Tubifex Worms

“Came home after being away for a month to find a clump of long, thin, reddish-brown worms living in my downstairs toilet in water that looked dirty”, writes this reader in Southern California regarding the worms pictured below. “Didn’t note heads on the worms or segmentation. Any help would be appreciated!” To start with, we want to thank our reader for the great photo. It was thanks to this photo, as well as the context, that we have identified these as tubifex worms. Tubifex worms, otherwise known as tubificid worms, sewage worms, sludge worms, or bloodworms, are a marine species of worms that eat bacteria and organic debris in sediment.

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Mass of Purple Worms Coming from Sewer are Tubifex Worms

“Just wondering what type of worm(s) these are?” asks this reader, who took this picture “from the end of [his] sewer cable whilst clearing an underground sewer […] at a house”. The worms he refers to are all writhing over each other in one big mass: they are purple in color, seemingly long and thin, and slimy-looking.

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Reddish-pink Worms Found in Pool are Either Earthworms or Tubifex Worms

“Not sure what these worms are that I found in my pool after heavy rain,” states this reader in Florence, South Carolina. The worms in question appear to be a pinkish-red color, and are 1-2-inches in length and very thin, according to our reader.

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Dark-Red Worm that May be a Horsehair Worm Found Alongside White, Cloud-like Matter

“I need help please” starts this reader in his query in which he asks for our “thoughts on these” organisms pictured below. The first photograph shows what looks to be a long, thin, dark red worm-like organism tangled in hair and other debris, and the second photo displays what we can only describe as white, cloud-like matter.

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What is Sufficient for Cleaning a Drain Properly and Controlling Bathroom Pest Populations?

“If I do have moth larvae and you say to keep drains clean and of course dry, is cleanser adequate or do we need something super duper?” asks this reader in her query about “transparent worms” she has been finding in the kitchen and bathrooms. The creature in the photograph appears to be minuscule in size, a green/gray color, and has two rows of spots going down its back.

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Organisms of Various Appearances Infest this Woman’s Hair, Bed and Clothes

“I have these all over my house,” says this reader about the organisms pictured in a series of photographs. The organisms in question vary in appearance from something that resembles a stick, to an angry, red mass floating in water.

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Dead, Pink-Brown Worms by Kitchen Sink are Tubifex Worms

“What on Earth are these worms?” asks this reader, who found a batch of pinkish, dead worm-like creatures beside her kitchen sink. She has since cleaned the worms up and bleached her entire counter and sink.

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Red Worms Infesting Woman’s Bathroom are Bloodworms

Red, “free-moving, thread-like” worms of varying lengths were discovered in the bathroom of this concerned woman. She says they look “dangerous and unpredictable” given their speed, and worries that they might be parasitic to humans.

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Tiny, Tan Worms in Arizona Home are Sewage Worms

Tiny worms are being consistently found by this reader in his Arizona home. The worms in question appear to be tan in color, and are 1-inch in length, according to our reader.

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Red-Striped Worm in Toilet is a Tubifex Worm

A long red-striped worm was found by this concerned reader in the South East of the UK. She discovered the worm after she and her children came back from a holiday and used the toilet; she is worried that it may have come from one of them.