tree with webs from caterpillars
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Posted in Garden Worms

Caterpillars that Build Webs in Trees

A reader recently asked us a simple question: “what is wrong with my tree?” She explained that her tree is covered with webs from “end to end,” and she sent a photo that shows the problem. (The photo of the web-covered tree is below.) The reader made no mention of worms, caterpillars, or other creatures, although we presume that she thinks that some worm or insect is responsible for the webs in her tree, or else she wouldn’t have written to us with her question. As it turns out, there are several types of caterpillars that build webs in trees, and we are more or less certain this is the issue our reader is dealing with. Nothing is necessarily “wrong” with her tree – it just appears to be overrun with caterpillars that spin webs.