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Worms or Larvae on Dogwood Trees

A reader asked us through the All About Worms Facebook page about “white worms with yellow bottoms [that are] eating my Dogwood trees.” These white worms with yellow bottoms are very likely white larvae with yellow bottoms, so we’ll adjust our usage accordingly. The reader asked us for an identification, and we’ll largely limit ourselves to this specific matter to keep things short and simple.

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How Catawba Worms Affect Trees

A reader wrote to us with a very simple question a little while ago: what effect do Catawba worms have on pecan trees? Nothing else was written, so we aren’t sure if the reader is dealing with Catawba worms in some way, or if perhaps he is just interested in this one very specific question. Regardless, it’s a slightly puzzling question to be interested in because Catawba worms should have no effect on pecan trees. So, the answer to our reader’s question – none – is perhaps the easiest we’ve ever supplied.