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Yellow, Clear Worm Found on Bathroom Rug is a Centipede

“Is this a centipede?” asks Stacy about the long, yellowish, translucent worm-like creature pictured below. “If not, do you know what it is? I found this on my bathroom rug this morning in Amarillo, Texas. I have heard that these are venomous and have been responsible for fatalities and/or rhabdomyolysis and heart attacks. I hope I am misinformed as I have a small child (along with 3 teenagers) and a dog in the house! Thanks so much!” Firstly, this does look a bit like a centipede, but it is hard to tell given the poor resolution of the photo. For example, from one end of its body we think we can see a pair of antennae, which centipedes do typically possess, but this could very well just be bits of debris in the rug. On top of that, we cannot see the multiple legs sprouting from the sides of its body that centipedes are known for, but when it comes to smaller species of centipedes, these are sometimes hard to see because they are wispy thin.