brown worm under couch
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How to Get Rid of Small Worms that Infest Towels in the Closet

We recently received a question from a reader who found three worms in a stack of towels in her closet. She reports that the closet is almost never opened – it is “only used to take a big stack of towels out or to put them back” – so she is first of all wondering how the worms got in her closet. However, her more pressing question has to do with getting rid of the worms in her closet. She has so far found three worms nestled between the strands of the towels, clinging to the threads, but hasn’t exhaustively searched the closet because she is scared as to what she might find, leading her to believe that there could be more worms tucked away. She wants to get rid of the worms in the closet “completely,” and that’s where we come in.