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Little Worms with Many Legs on Patio are Millipedes

“I have been finding these little things crawling up my rough patio wall and my patio floor,” writes Kelli in central California about the brown, worm-like animal pictured below. “Also, they’ve been trying to get in the door. I would like to know what they are called and how to get rid of them. So far, ten tons of salt doesn’t kill them: they crawl through it. And are they harmful to my little Yorkie terrier and to humans? The pictures I’ve included are magnified so that you can see exactly what they look like. They are anywhere from 1/2 an inch to approximately one inch in length. They are very thin (thinner than a branch from a tree). I didn’t notice until I took a picture that one of them has a lot of legs like a millipede. But their actions don’t appear to be as explained. Also, they crawl a little faster than a slug. They come out no matter if it’s nice and sunny, cold, rainy and wet, or morning, noon or night. They also curl up in an almost circle when you sweep them. Please help me identify them, and tell me how to get rid of them once and for all, as well as if they are poisonous to pets and humans. By the way, I have no plant matter on my patio to my apartment, but the grounds do have trees, bushes, and some plants and wood chips. I love in central California and want to enjoy my patio! Thank you.”