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Tiny, Brown Creatures All Over the House

“What the heck are these things?!!??!” So starts the frantic query, which was accompanied by a few pictures of a brown worm-like creature, we received a few days ago from a reader. The reader has been finding tiny, brown creatures all over her house – she found them on the wood (like a wall or cabinet perhaps?), on her clothes, and even in her bed. The reader is “freaking out,” as people who find mysterious tiny, brown creatures all over their house can sometimes do. The reader is especially concerned because she suspects these tiny, brown worms (or tiny, brown larvae, most likely) may have been around for a while, but that she failed to notice them because they were so small. She is also moving, and she doesn’t want to take the creatures with her. What is the tiny, brown creature our reader found? Is it some sort of worm, or a larva, or something else entirely?