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Clear, Thread-like Worms Coming from Faucet After Water Main Break

“I am very worried: there’s a water boiler alert in Miami Beach and here is what I find in my bathroom faucet running water,” writes Elodie in her submission regarding the thin objects pictured below. Right off the bat, we have to tell Elodie that we will not be able to provide a confident or accurate identification, due to the near-microscopic nature of these organisms. From the pictures alone, which are not too clear to begin with, we cannot see any identifying information about these organisms other than that they are thin and long – hairlike. We would not even be able to confirm if they actually are organisms or not, and Elodie does not necessarily state that she is confident about this either.

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Microscopic Threads Found on Every Surface that Resemble Worms

“I’m always seeing these things like thread, on just about anything and everything, all throughout my house, and some seem to be colored”, writes Brian in his submission regarding the thin, worm-like organism pictured below. “I was given this microscope for my birthday. As curious as I am, I’m always looking through it (can’t say ‘through it’ cause, as you see, it is on a screen. And I think the instructions say it magnetizes between 50 to 1,000x. I mean, it can bring a piece of lint from the dryer to about the size you see here. Now that I know they are all over the house, I’m curious about what they are. Seeing your web page got me thinking about worms now. So, I’m wondering if it’s possible that you can tell me what they might be? Thank You.”

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Thin, White Worm Found By Man with Pet Rabbit is a Stiletto Fly Larva

“I found this worm on the hardwood floor in the living room”, states this reader in her submission regarding the white worm-like creature pictured below. “It’s just under an inch in length. Very thin. One end appears to have a darker end (possibly the eyes/head). I recently got a rabbit. Thought maybe it was a pinworm/threadworm but haven’t seen anything like this before. The rabbit’s cage was clean with no signs of worms.” Now, a thin, white larva with a brown head is about as generic of a description of a worm-like creature as you can get, but nonetheless we have identified this as a stiletto fly larva.

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White Pieces of Hair and Lint Move Like Worms and Infest This Woman’s Home

“I found these clear strands (worms?) on every item of fabric in my home”, states this reader in Hawaii. “They are on my clothes, rugs, couches, and towels. EVERYTHING! They attach on one end and stick out of the fabric. They are very thin, like hair, but kind of kinky.”

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A Short Guide to Dangerous Worms

Many a dangerous worm exists in this world, many of which are overestimated, but just as many of which are severely underestimated. This article will outline some of the worms that you may encounter that pose some level of threat toward yourself and others. For the sake of organizing the content of this article, we will split this up into three categories, namely parasites, venomous worms and marine worms (many of which you will never have to actually worry about).

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Minuscule White Worms Found in Coffee Resemble Threadworms a/k/a Pinworms

Minuscule white worms were found by this reader on her coffee maker when she was preparing her coffee for the next day. She found another of the worms in a glass of tap water she had left out overnight, this one being dead, and wonders if we can tell her what these worms are.