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Stringy White Worms on Dashboard Might Not be Worms at All

“Is this a worm?” asks Darlene in her submission regarding the thin, white worm-like organism pictured below. “And if so what kind? I find these in my car and they always look the same. I can wash my car completely and when I come back in they are on the dashboard. They’re very hard to see – either white or translucent. The only time you can really see them is on the black dashboard. I used a piece of tape to keep it intact.” Now, some extra context would have been super helpful here. Like, where is the car parked and does she leave the windows open? Are the worms found mangled, and that is why Darlene needed a piece of tape to keep them intact? Regardless, we will do our best to provide Darlene some info based on the different possible scenarios.

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Infestation of Flat, Black Organisms and White Stringy Creatures Negatively Affects this Arizonian

“I have an infestation of some kind which really affects me,” states this reader from Phoenix Arizona. She asks for our help in identifying anything from the photos she sent in.