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Red-headed, Translucent Worm Found in Bug Enclosure is a Casemaking Clothes Moth Caterpillar

“I would love to know what these are and if they are harmful to my other specimens”, states this reader in her submission regarding the semi-transparent, yellow, worm-like creature with a red head pictured below. It is a bit difficult to spot among all the dark objects in the photo, but in the center you can see the clear worm-like critter making its way between these objects.”

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Transparent, White Worms Found in the Soil of Pea Plants are Pea Moth Caterpillars

“The ‘very tiny and almost transparent white’ worm that was in the lady’s soil is also in my soil” says this reader in her query concerning the worms she has found in her pea plants. “Are those small worms harmful to my plants or do they help the plants?” she asks.