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Velvety, Black, Worm-like Creatures in Apartment are Soldier Beetle Larvae

“I keep finding this worm around my apartment”, writes Alyssa in her submission regarding the segmented, velvety black, worm-like critter pictured below. “It first started by finding them by the front door then I found one in the kitchen one day, one in the living room and now two by/in my bedroom. The living room and bedroom are carpeted, the kitchen is not and neither is by the front door. They are about an inch in length and I usually find them curled up in a circle. I am a pretty clean person and clean once a week so I’m unsure why I’ve been finding these for the past week or so. I’d like to get rid of them for good but am not sure what they are! Help!”

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Segmented, Black Worm-like Creature Found on Pillow is a Soldier Beetle Larva

“Last night I noticed something moving on one of my pillows and found this little guy”, states this reader about the black worm-like creature pictured below. “Through research and your site I think it’s a larva of some sort.”