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Yellow, “Boxy” Snake-like Creature is a Flatworm

“What is this yellow, boxy, stretchy, little snake-like thing?” asks Catherine in her submission regarding the organism pictured below. “I found it hanging from the dashboard of my truck in Seattle. At first I thought it was a rubber band, but on closer inspection I came to realize it had a sort of mouth looking opening on the end and was spotted with specks. It is unlike anything I had seen before. It has no bones, so not a snake. It lost the yellow color it had while submerged in water. Found in Seattle, Washington. Thank you.” To start with, we thank Catherine for the photo she sent in: you can really see the “boxy” nature of the creature’s body, by which we think Catherine means that it seems to be somewhat flat, giving it a clear underside and topside, unlike most worms.