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Dried-up Worms on Patio and in Pool are Earthworms

“I have found these dead worm/snake-like critters on my patio and a few in my pool,” writes Hailey in her submission regarding the black and brown, worm-like creature pictured below. “There are around 20 of them and they are freaking me out. Any idea what it is? I’m in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area. Thank you.” Right off the bat, we can tell Hailey that this worm is dried up: you can tell by its shriveled body. The worms could have died another way but dried up afterward, but given what we know these to be, we think it is likely they died from the heat itself. Typically, we would not be able to identify worms that were dried-up, as their physical characteristics can change quite drastically, making them much harder to identify, but in this case, we have seen so many of these worms in this state that we know what they are.

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Snake-like Creature Found in This Man’s Toilet

“I found this live worm in the toilet,” says this reader, who asks if we can identify the worm which he trapped in a bottle to capture this amazing photograph for us. The worm is a translucent, beigy-pink color, has dark vein-looking marks along its body, and has one end that appears to be more pointed than the other.