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Brown Worm on Cat Could be Flatworm

“I pulled this off my cat”, writes this reader in her submission regarding the brown, slimy-looking, worm-like creature pictured below. “Can you identify it?” For starters, we will say that, while we will provide an identification, it should not be taken as 100% accurate or certain. The primary reason for this is because our reader pulled it off our cat. Any worms that are found on or inside people or pets pose a potential medical situation. Since we are not medical professionals, we are neither qualified or legally able to identify organisms that directly affect the health of people or pets. In this case, it is not clear whether or not the worm is affecting the cat’s health: people and pets accidentally get worms on them all the time, just from going outdoors. For that reason, we err on the side of caution. If our reader suspects that this worm may have come from her cat, or that it is in any way negatively affecting her cat’s health, she should consult a vet about it and disregard our identification below.

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What Are Slimy Brown Worms?

We aren’t sure about the identity of the specimens our reader discovered. One looked a little bit like a flatworm, but the other one (or ones) did not. We need more information in order to figure out what these creatures are.

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Slimy Worms (Slugs) in Great Britain

We received an extremely detailed question about a worm a while back from a reader in England. The reader has been trying to identify the worm, which is gray and slimy, for the past nine years (since April 14th, 2006, to be exact). The reader found the creature under a discarded pillow in Holywells Park in the town of Ipswich, which is in Suffolk, England. (He even gave us an Ordnance Survey National Grid reference, a British geographic grid reference system, so that we could pinpoint the exact area where he found the worm.) The worm leaves a “slim-trail” behind it when it moves. The reader thought be might have found a “Worm Slug,” or Boettgerilla pallens, but he has since ruled out this possibility. What kind of slimy, gray worm is our reader finding?