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Using Eri Silk Frass as a Soil Fertilizer

A reader recently reached out to us with this question, “What is the best way to prepare eri silk frass to become a soil fertilizer for food crops?” Let’s dive in by breaking down this question!

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Silk Worm Farm

It is estimated that approximately 75 million pounds of raw silk are produced each year on silkworm farms. It takes more than 3,000 cocoons to make one pound of silk and more than 10 billion pounds of mulberry leaves to feed the silkworms that produce the silk.

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What is Peace Silk?

The degumming and spinning process used to create peace silk allows the moth to safely emerge from the cocoon and live out the remainder of its life cycle — in peace.

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How Much Silk Do Silkworms Produce?

The silk is produced in the salivary glands of the silkworm and it is used for protection during the silkworm’s pupal stage.

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Can Silk Worms Live in Pets?

If you do find live silk worms in your pet’s food, it is never a bad idea to contact your vet to make sure this is harmless. Chances are, it is and your pet will pass the worms through his stool.

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Silk Worms

Silk worms are really not worms at all! Silk worms are actually the larvae of certain types of moths! The silk worm has been used for centuries in the manufacturing of textiles.