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Pink and Brown Worm Found by Flower Bed is an Earthworm

“Please help me identify this ‘worm?’” requests this reader in her submission regarding the pink and brown worm-like organism pictured below. “I live in McKinney, TX and found this guy on a paver in our front garden/flower beds. Unfortunately it was too far gone to save, but I wasn’t even sure I should try! I need to know in case I find another one like it. Is it a good guy or bad guy? Background info: Our property has a lot of millipedes and a few which could be centipedes. (I haven’t bothered about them.) We see very few earthworms and are even considering purchasing some. We do not use general insecticides and never use professional companies. Our natural soil is clay. We’ve added soil for planting and good mulch on top. Your help is appreciated.”