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Segmented, Dark Green Worm Playing Dead is a Diving Beetle Nymph

“Saw this on my walk with my two doggies in the woods in Hevingham, Norfolk today, and am wondering what kind of creepy crawlie it is”, writes this reader regarding the segmented, dark green creature pictured below. “When I attempted a closer look it appeared to play dead!” Firstly, this is an excellent photo! The lighting is brilliant, and the details are crisp and clear, which makes it all that much easier for us to try and identify the critter. Secondly, we have to acknowledge what a strange-looking creature this is. The segmented body is very caterpillar-like, but the bulbous, bordering-on-giant, head is really odd.

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Brown, Segmented Critter Found On Bed is Likely an Immature Carpet Beetle Larva

“What kind of worm (or whatever it is) is this?” asks this reader about the brown, segmented larva-looking creature his girlfriend found on their bed. This article will attempt to answer this question of the worm’s identity, or at the very least provide some ideas as to what it might be.