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Ringworm: Five Facts

Ringworm (also spelled “ring worm”) is of intense interest to people, probably because the problems associated with ringworm are very widespread. At one point or another, you are likely to experience an issue related to ringworm, or at least you’ll know someone who is afflicted by this misleadingly-named human ailment. Since ringworm is the object of so much concern, we decided to compile this list of facts about ringworm. We have selected the following five facts about ringworm based on how interesting or surprising we think they are, not necessarily because they are the main features or most notable aspects of ringworm. Check out another article for a more general overview of ringworm.

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Skin Worms

Some of the most common types of parasitic worms do more than cause an upset stomach or fatigue. They can cause skin rashes, blisters on the skin, and intense itching.

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Belly Worms

Some people refer to human parasites as “belly worms” and ringworms as “circle worms.” Some people even believe that “belly worms” actually live in the belly button and they also believe that “circle worms” are actually “worms.” Neither is true. The truth is, belly worms are called “parasites” and they do not live in the belly button (as some people may believe), but rather deep inside of the stomach and the intestines of humans and animals.