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Light Brown, “Crunchy” Organisms Found in Laundry Hamper are Pupae

“What is this?” asks this reader about the light brown, ovate organism pictured below. “I live in Idaho and these weren’t there yesterday when I set my laundry hamper there on the dryer. But when I moved it, I then later noticed them. They are hard and crunchy. My assumption is that they are possibly eggs? I just want to know if it’s something I need to get taken care of. Thank you.” Based on the photo alone, we would say that these are probably not eggs: this object looks far too big to be an egg, and its brown coloration makes us think it is more likely that this is a pupa.

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Unknown Pink and White Organisms Found by Reader: Where He Can Go for Further Information

“Can anyone tell me what stage and type of worm or worm pupa these could be?” asks this reader in his submission regarding the various organisms pictured below. “Any ID help would be greatly appreciated!”