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Plaster-like, White Worms in Christmas Tree Box Might Not be Worms At All

“I live in Northwest Indiana and found this when going through old Christmas tree boxes in a closet”, writes Georgette about the white creatures pictured below. “They were not moving and were very brittle and fragmented easily: plaster-like texture. I have cats but they are indoor only, tested negative for worms multiple times, and on revolution plus. They had not been in this closet. Any idea what this may be? I have seen something similar before, same brittle quality, but more spiral shaped, near some old blankets. Thanks.” Right off the bat, we have to disclose our first instinct, which is that we do not think these are worms at all. And, even if they were, there is no way we would be able to identify them: they clearly died so long ago, and have so much time to dry out, that they are unrecognizable as whatever living creature they once were.