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Two Black Worms Found Amid Hammerhead Worm Infestation are New Guinea Flatworms

“I found two black flatworms”, states this reader about the creature pictured below, which indeed has a glossy black body, with a light gray/white underside. “I already am infested with the hammerhead worms, now what is this worm?”

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The Secret to Regeneration Lies With the Worms!

It is no secret that across the multitude of species of worms in the world, there are some that possess incredible abilities. These abilities have always been thought to be exclusive to these invertebrates and beyond the capabilities of a human being, until now.

Hammerhead Worm
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Hammerhead Worms: What are They?

The hammerhead worm is a creature that fascinates many, mainly for its bizarre appearance. However, it seems as though little is known about these worms by the general public, and so this article will investigate just exactly what hammerhead worms are and how we should respond to them.

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Common Misconceptions About Flatworms

Flatworms are a topic often discussed within the world of worms; there are 25,000-odd species of them and they come in all sorts of colors and are extraordinary creatures. Unfortunately, their odd, flat shape alone has given them a bad reputation and has spawned a lot of awful, and a lot of times false, rumors about them.

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Worms with Incredible Abilities

We think it goes without saying that a website that specializes in writing about worms holds a certain appreciation for worms. This appreciation may be something that is not reflected by the general public, but is something we want to change with this article, which will give a couple of examples of worms with abilities so extraordinary that one might have to reconsider their negative view on worms.

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Planarian Flatworms Found in San Diego Water Feature

Several worms of different shapes and sizes were pulled out from a water feature in San Diego by this reader who is having trouble identifying them. The worms appear to be clear and tan in color, long in length, but flat in girth. It is difficult to tell from the image if they are textured, or smooth/slimy, but given their transparency, we would place more bets on these worms being slimy to the touch.