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Pink Worm on Bed is an Erythrina Stem Borer

“I read an article about trying to identify a pink worm in the bedroom, but it was difficult to do so without seeing the legs”, writes this reader in his submission regarding the pink critter pictured below. “I found a similar worm on my bed and wanted to share the video I took. I live in Toledo, Ohio. Thank you!” Based on the great photo he sent in, we have identified this is an erythrina stem borer caterpillar. These creatures are unfortunately pests of coral trees, which they are named after. They can be found all over the Americas where there are coral trees, from South America and the Caribbean, to California and Florida. Similar species have also been found in Asia and Africa, though they are not the same species.

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Pink Worms in Dining Area are Erythrina Stem Borer Caterpillars

“I found these four worms in our dining area”, writes this reader in her submission regarding the segmented, pink, worm-like creature pictured below. “Near the back door. What kind of worm is this? How did they get inside? Thank you.” From the looks of it, we think our reader may have found erythrina stem borer caterpillars. The name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. The erythrina stem borer moth is native to the Americas, and the adult moth is a tiny, brown creature. However, its harmless appearance shouldn’t fool you: they are actually pretty destructive creatures. At least, their caterpillars are.

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Pink, Microscopic Debris in Shower Needs a Professional’s Eye

“Are these worms?” asks Rene in their submission regarding the pink object pictured below. “This is a high resolution photo of ‘debris’ in my shower drain and in my bathroom that are not visible to the naked eye. Thank you.” Rene sent in multiple photos, the first of which we included below (and the only one showing a worm-like organism), and we are not sure which photo Rene is referring to as being “high resolution”, or if they accidentally forgot to send in that picture, because none of the photos included in the submission were high resolution. Like the photo below, they were all very blurry.

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Pink Worm on Bedroom Carpet is an Earthworm

“Why did I find a worm crawling on my carpet in my bedroom?” writes Elizabeth about the worm pictured below. “I live in Northern California and we’ve been having a lot of rain, but I don’t wear shoes in this room. There is a sliding glass door a few feet away, but it hasn’t been opened in weeks (it’s winter). I have two chihuahuas under 10lbs but there is no “accident” in the room. Is it a worm? It was moving kind of fast and also trying to dig its head in the carpet. Thank you.” To answer Elizabeth’s second question, this is indeed a worm. In fact, this is an earthworm. We can tell by its pink coloration, segmentation, and the clitellum encircling its middle.

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Pink Worm in Cat Bowl is Likely a Soft-winged Flower Beetle Larva

“Can you help me identify this worm or larvae?” asks Amanda in her submission regarding the little, pink, worm-like organism pictured below. “It was in my cat’s food bowl. It was the only worm we found.” Now, given the worm’s physical features, we would instinctively identify this as a beetle larva. The pronged rear, elongated body, and bulbous head point to this conclusion, though the lack of prolegs has us thinking it could be a different species of insect larva. That said, the location of its discovery has us weary about saying anything too certain. When worms are found in or near pet food, readers are often concerned about parasites. Amanda does not say anything of that nature, but given the chance that the creature did come from the cat, we have to exercise caution.

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Pink Fluff Invades Clothing and Raises Concerns About Clothes-eating Pests

“Are these fabric moths and carpet beetles?” asks Shanan about the two different objects pictured below, one pink and stringy, and the other a tangled mess of greenish-gray threads. “I’ve been at war with them for about three years now. I’ve sprayed numerous pesticides, different dusts, and vacuumed until my arms fell off! I’ve had to move, get a new car, and buy brand new clothes more times than I can count. Tip: New clothes are infested as well. They also like to munch on my hair. I’m at the end of my rope. Please help. I live in Southeast Georgia. These are pieces of material that I cut out of a brand new jacket!”

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Pink Worm Found by Cat Food Bowls May Require a Medical Diagnosis

“I live in Madison County, Kentucky, USA, and today I found a small worm on the floor in my bedroom”, writes this reader in his submission about the thin, pink worm pictured below. “My room is on the second floor of my house, and the bathroom is almost directly outside it. I have three cats (strictly indoor, they almost always stay in my room due to my little brother not knowing how to pet them nicely) and since I found this worm near their food bowls, I am very worried it might be in some way parasitic or harmful to them. I included a diagram with a pencil for size reference since my phone quality isn’t very good, but the worm itself is also in the picture of the diagram as well as the other pictures. I think I’m going to flush this worm for now, but I’m hoping to identify it and see if this is a problem in case another one shows up in the future! Thank you for your time!”

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A Quick Look at Nightcrawlers

“So I went to your website and I was looking for nightcrawlers but didn’t see the nightcrawlers”, states this reader in his submission. “Do you have anything about nightcrawlers?” he asks. To start with, we do indeed have articles on nightcrawlers. We have even written a post solely on these creatures and what they are. Of course, we are still happy to go over them in this article, seeing as our reader was not able to find this one. That said, for future reference, if any of our readers wish to find a specific organism, all they need to do is press the magnifying glass icon in the top right-hand corner of the website’s home page and type in what organism you want to find. Naturally, if nothing comes up, then shoot us a question!

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Polka-dotted Pink Worm with Large Eye Spot is a Pandora Sphinx Moth Caterpillar

“I have never seen anything like it before,” says this reader of the worm-like creature she found in her kitchen one morning. The creature appears to have a segmented body, pink in color with small black dots, and has what appears to be a large, black and yellow eye spot at one end of its body.

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Small, Pink Worm Found in Bread is a Pantry Moth Larva

A small, pink worm was found in this reader’s bread one morning. She wonders if we can tell her what the worm is and if its presence is any indication that she might have a pest problem, or if it is more likely that this is a one-time occurrence.

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Reader Finds Multiple Pink and White Worms in Multiple Locations

Small, white or pink worms have been found in a multitude of places by this reader in College Place, Washington. These locations include various spots in her home, inside herself, and in her dog. Our reader is understandably concerned and asks for our help in identifying these worms.

red pink worm in germany
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Red, Pink Worm in Garden in Germany

A red worm was found by a reader in Northern Germany – or perhaps we should say ein roter Wurm wurde von einem Leser in Norddeutschland gefunden – and he wrote to us to see if we might be able to identify it. The worm was found in a garden, where it was mostly underground, and it is not exactly red. Its overall body is more like a pinkish color, but the bottom of the worm’s body is almost white. More precisely, the color of the worm fades as you move down its body – the top is a red or dark pink color, the middle is a light pink, and then the bottom is almost entirely white. What might our reader have found?

Pink Worm
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Pink Worms in the Bedroom

We received a question from a reader a couple of days ago on the All About Worms Facebook page about a pink worm in her bedroom on the carpet. (It’s actually more like a pink, brown, and tan worm, or perhaps a pinkish, brownish, tannish worm – it’s hard to define the worm’s color. See the picture below.) In addition to finding the worm in her bedroom on the carpet, she also found one in her living room on the laminate floor. So, the worms aren’t limited to one part of the house, and she evidently isn’t finding them in particular places (like under furniture, in a pantry, and so on). The reader happens to have two dogs, but she doesn’t think they are related to the presence of the pink worms, or in any case she doesn’t think the worms came from the dogs. Having found no information about the creature, she turned to us to ask what this pink worm in her bedroom and living room might be.

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Pink and White Worms? Probably Just Plain Earthworms

We received a rather bizarre question (actually, it was more like a statement) from a reader recently about a pink, white, and red worm she found. (Perhaps we should write pinkish, whitish, and reddish worm, as the worm isn’t really any of these colors precisely.) The subject of the “question” isn’t very bizarre – it clearly centers on a white, red, and pink worm – but its execution is. The reader’s message, written in all capital letters for no apparent reason, asks no question, but it does describe a worm found in a garden, and it ends with the statement “I am curious,” which is written in a larger font. Because of the message’s considerable ambiguity, we’ll have to just assume that the reader simply wanted to know what the worm is. What is the white, red, and pink worm our reader found in the garden?