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Woman with Crunchy Hair and Pod-like Organisms Living on Scalp Should Indeed Consult a Specialist

“I have had a scalp and hair problem for a bit now” begins this reader in her submission concerning the “pod-like things” she has been finding in her hair. Our reader asks for our advice on the issue, and wonders if she should consult a specialist.

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Skin and Hair Parasites Bother Woman for Three Years; Where She Can Go for Help

“I’ve been battling this skin and hair parasite for three years now and no one knows anything,” states this reader in her query to us. “What is it?” she asks, concerning the crusty, dark-red substance on her fingernail below.

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Woman’s Home Overrun with Organisms and Strange Matter Due To Moisture Problem

“My life has been severely [and] adversely affected by these,” says this reader about the multitude of creatures she has been finding in her home. She reports finding “black hairlike creatures”, but there are clearly all kinds of critters affecting her life as seen in the array of photos she sent in.