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Scarlet Malachite Beetle Larva Found Inside a Glass of Apple Juice

The brother of this reader found a worm in his cup of apple juice after leaving it to sit for half an hour. From the picture and our reader’s description, we can tell that this worm is tiny in size, orange in color, with a black head and a set of prongs at its rear.

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Orange Worm Remains a Mystery

Today we will attempt to answer the classic question, “What is this?” Along with the question, our reader sent a photograph of a small orange worm-like organism on what appears to be some sort of linen.

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Orange and Yellow Worms in the House

Some time ago, a reader wrote to us about orange and yellow worms she has been finding in her house. The yellow and orange worms (the worm is actually “yellowish,” in the reader’s words, and we suppose this means it is not fully orange, but rather orangish) are coming from a corner of the house, and she is finding them on her ceiling. The reader is wondering not only what the worms are, but also if they are dangerous. Perhaps in part because of the latter concern, she is also curious how she can get rid of them. So, in short, what are these yellow and orange worms, are they harmful, and how can our reader get rid of them? Can her orange-and-yellow-worm problem be solved?

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Orange Worms in the Garden

Last month, we received a question about a worm from a reader in the UK (Plymouth, more precisely). She had found an orange worm (or what is perhaps an orange worm – it might not be a worm at all) in her garden. She found the worm late at night, and since she had never seen an orange worm before, she was curious to know what she had found. What is this orange worm, if it’s a worm at all?