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Bundle of Clear Worms on Website are Newly-hatched Caterpillars

“What are these things?” asks Mary in her submission regarding the swarm of tiny, worm-like creatures pictured below. “They look a little different from the others I’ve seen on your site. First I found a bunch on a spot on my ceiling yesterday. Now today I found a bunch on a windowsill in the room beside where I found the ones on the ceiling in the hallway. Thank you.” Mary sent a bunch of photos, as well as a video, but we have included the photo which we think shows the organisms most clearly, though they are still quite hard to see, as the photo is taken quite far away and the resolution is not the best. Luckily, the video does show the critters up close.

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Group of Gray, Spiky Bugs on Bedroom Wall are White Ermine Moth Larvae

“I found these bugs in my children’s bedroom […] on the WALL. What are these?” asks this reader, who is a mother of two children. The creatures appear to be gray in color, minuscule in size, with bulbous heads and segmented bodies.