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Worms in a New Jersey Back Yard

A little while ago, a reader from New Jersey sent us a query about worms in her back yard. The worms come out at night, especially if it is damp. The backyard worms are described as rather large – the reader estimates that they are six inches (about 15 centimeters) long, and that they are as wide as her little finger. Evidently the worms shy away from light, so the reader has been unable to take a picture of them. The worms don’t wriggle like a common “garden worm,” to use the reader’s unfortunately vague phrase, but instead move like a whip. If the worms are causing any damage, the reader does not mention it, but she does describe them as “truly gross” and says that her neighbors refuse to sit in her backyard because of the worms’ presence. The reader is wondering what her backyard worms are, and also if she should consider taking actions to get rid of them.