earthworm in dirt
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Reader Pops Worm To Find White Goo

Today we responded to a reader’s message about two worms she discovered. Due to the limited information provided, we were unable to identify these worms or fully answer our reader’s question.

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“Tiny Black Thing”: Worm or Something Else?

One of our readers has been dealing with some sort of infestation for months, but she hasn’t been able to find any bugs or worms. She does find “tiny black things” and has been cleaning, doing laundry, and vacuuming nonstop trying to get rid of them.

worm in ice
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Mystery Black Worm in Ice (or Something Like Ice)

We received a question via the All About Worms Facebook page about a mysterious black worm in what appears to be some sort of ice. The black worm is largely covered by the ice (or whatever it is), but its midsection appears to be above the surface. The reader was herself sent the photo of the worm, but she couldn’t identify it, so she passed it along to us. She said it looks like its “something from aliens,” and indeed it kind of does. What is this mysterious black worm covered in ice (or some substance that resembles ice)?