grubs in mulch
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Grub Worms in Mulch Pile on Lawn

A reader wrote to us a few days ago about some large, plump white worms that he found in a mulch pile on his lawn. The reader thought they were grubs, which are often called “grub worms” or “grubworms” (even though they are actually larvae), but thought that they might be too big to be grubs, in part based on information he read on this website. The creatures our reader found are in fact quite large – they are about three inches (7.5 centimeters) long and one inch (2.5 centimeters) wide – but they nevertheless appear to be grubs. Did our reader find grubs in the mulch pile on his lawn, or are the creatures he found too big to be grubs?

earthworm in dirt
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How to Get Rid of One Inch Brown Worms in Mulch

We received this somewhat vague and difficult to decipher question a few day ago from a reader: “how do I get rid of one inch brown worms into mulch flowers beds and patio?” The first part – about getting rid of the brown worms – is easy enough to understand, but the second part is a little harder to get a handle on. Presumably, the reader found the brown worms in (as opposed to “into”) his flower beds, but we aren’t sure what this has to do with his patio. Perhaps the one inch brown worms are in his flower bed and on his patio, and since they are a nuisance, he wants to get rid of them? This is as reasonable of an interpretation as we can come up with, so we’ll go ahead assume this is the reader’s situation and proceed accordingly.