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Parasitic Worms and Mental Health

A reader wrote us a concerning email a little while ago insisting that she has “parasitical worms,” even though doctors have told her she is actually suffering from a delusional infestation, and that she should see a psychiatrist. Over the last four years, the reader has been on a quest to discover what is afflicting her, and she recently concluded she has “Lyme Disease and microfilaria worms.” The reader has taken some rather extreme measures to address her condition. She has sprayed everything in her house, including herself, with “Ortho home defense bug killer,” and “10 UV light air purifiers and two large IQ Air Hepa air purifiers” are at work in her house. Despite these measures (although we hesitate to use the word “despite” in this instance), the reader can’t seem to improve her condition, and thus she asked for our help.