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Man Baffled After Finding Maggot-like Worms on His Toothbrush

“Are these maggots?” asks this reader about the worm-like organisms he found on his toothbrush. The creatures appear to be very small, with thin, white, nondescript bodies that appear to be legless.

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Black Worm Found in Tub is a Drain Fly Larva

“I found this on our water while I was filling the tub”, states this reader in her query concerning the black worm pictured below. She is not sure if they are leeches or something else, and wants to know if it is harmful.

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Maggots Roaming Bathroom Floor Could be Clothes Moth Larvae or House Fly Larvae

“I have found about seven of these tiny white maggots on my bathroom floor this morning in various locations” states this reader about the short, maggot-like creatures pictured below. Our reader additionally asks where the creatures may be coming from and what she can do to get rid of them.

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Man Runs Out of Ways to Try to Eliminate Infestation of Indianmeal Moth Larvae

“Can you please identify whatever it is that these things are?” asks this reader about whatever unphotographed “things” he is referring to in his query. He was told by an exterminator that the “things” are Indian meal moth larvae, but nothing he does seems to help in getting rid of them.

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Cream-colored Worms Appear in This Woman’s Trailer Two Years in a Row

“I have found cream colored maggots with brown heads two years in a row at this time of year in November,” says this reader. She does not provide photographs, but instead a decent amount of context that we will use to try and figure out how best to help our reader.

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A Very Brief Look at Eradicating Infestations of Moth and Housefly Larvae

‘How do I get rid of moth larvae and common house fly larvae in Northwest Georgia’ asks this reader in his one-line query to us. Despite the lack of photographs and context, we will do our best to answer this question.

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Webbing Clothes Moth Larvae Found Between Clothing in Basement

“Please help!” this reader exclaims about the white, larva-looking creature pictured below. “I found these between my clothes that were in the basement” he states, before asking us what he should do about his situation.

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Creepy Maggots Found in Bathroom Could Be Housefly or Drain Fly Larvae

“Every once in a while I’ll find a maggot or 3 on the floor in the bathroom” says this reader. She asks us if we can tell her what to do, how to get rid of said maggots, and what might be causing them to appear.

apple worm
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Worms You Can Find in Your Food Part 2: Fruit Worms

The last place anyone would probably want to find a worm is inside the food they were about to put inside their bodies. As a follow up to our previous article on the same subject, this article will cover specifically worms you can find in your fruit.

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Dozens of White Larvae Falling From Ceiling Fan are House Fly Larvae

Several dozen larvae have been falling from this reader’s bathroom ceiling fan over a span of several days. The larvae appear to be white, have no legs, and, in the words of our reader, “one end” of the larvae “is flat and the other has a tapered pointy end.”

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Fly Larvae Infest the Kitchen of this Man in Atlanta, GA

This man in Atlanta, Georgia has been finding a lot of worms in his breakfast nook next to his kitchen. According to our reader, and as seen in the images provided, these worms are 1/4-inch long, tan in color, and with a “brown spot on their top front.”

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Maggots and BSFL Found Near Bin and Litterbox

A puzzling case of separate clusters of worms of different species was discovered by this woman and her caretakers in the UK. The first cluster of worms was found behind “the bin/cat food/litter,” and were deemed to be maggots, while the second cluster of unidentified worms, which were also found in the same place, were dark brown in color, and segmented.

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Worm With Tail Found Swimming in Bathroom is a Rat-tailed Maggot

A concerned reader recently sent in this image of a worm-like creature he has been finding in his bathroom for the past two months. He says it is about an inch in length and “swims like a worm, contracting and extending its body”.

tiny maggot in bathroom
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Tiny White Maggots in Bathroom

We received a question from a reader recently about a small maggot, or something like a maggot, that he found in his bathroom. The reader’s email to us does a decent job covering his situation, so we’ll quote it in full (with the addition of several articles, definite and indefinite): “This tiny white maggoty looking worm with light pinkish head and tail was on the edge of my bathroom sink this morning. My shitzu sleeps with me. Maybe it crawled on me in the night and fell off me at the sink? He goes potty in a woodsy area. I know there are chiggers he brings in. I’m in west central Missouri. Just north of Kansas City and it’s the end of June. Can you identify? Thank you.”

Horsehair Worm in Forest
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Short White Maggots Inside Crickets

We received an interesting question from a reader the other day via the All About Worms Facebook page about “some sort of short white maggot” crawling out of the abdomen of a cricket. The reader feeds the crickets to his chameleon, and recently gnats have been found in the “chameleon’s habitat.” The reader speculated there might be a connection between the gnats and the short white maggots – indeed, he thought the maggots might be the gnats themselves – and asked us to weigh in on the matter. What type of short white maggot could be inside a cricket?

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Worms in an Ice Machine

A little while ago, a reader wrote to us about worms in an ice machine, by which he meant the type of machine you might find in a break room at an office or in a restaurant kitchen. The reader didn’t see the worms in the ice machine himself, but merely heard a report of worms being there, and so he was wondering if it is even possible to find a worm in an ice machine. If it is possible, he further wondered, how did the worms get into the ice machine? The reader didn’t express interest in what type of worm might be in the machine (if it even is a worm – it might be a maggot, as we shall see), but we’ll have to speculate on this matter in the course of answering our reader’s precise questions.

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Little, White Worms in the Kitchen

A reader recently found little, white worms in his kitchen. The reader left “dirty washing” (perhaps something like dirty plates or dirty rags) on the kitchen floor over night, and in the morning there were lots of little, white worms on the kitchen floor, directly underneath the “washing.” We receive a lot of questions about little, white worms, and ironically these questions are rarely about little, white worms at all. Rather, they tend to be about maggots, which are indeed little and white, but they are not worms (for reasons we’ll explain in a moment). We think the white “worms” our reader found are maggots, but we’ll also throw out a few more possibilities for our reader to investigate.

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Maggots in Your House

We were recently sent a question about small white worms, which a reader has been finding around his house. Of course, the reader wanted to know what these small, white worms are. He also sent us a picture, helping us better identify the worm in question. In this particular instance, we are fairly sure our reader didn’t find a worm at all, but rather a maggot. More precisely, he found maggots, as there are two small creatures in the picture we were sent. Why do we think he found maggots?

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Small Worms in the Shower

A little while back, we received a question from a reader about small worms (or larvae) he found in his shower. Actually, the word “small” doesn’t adequately capture the size of the worm (or, again, larva) our reader found because they are said to be .01 of an inch in size, which is about the size of a speck of dust. With all due respect to our reader, we think a measurement miscalculation was probably made because .01 of an inch seems impossibly small for any sort of worm or larva, and this is true regardless of whether he was referring to the length or width of the creature he found. In assuming that a mistake was made, however, we must guess at the size of the worm, further complicating our idea of the creature with which our reader is dealing.

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Groups of Maggots

We write about maggots a lot. We’re not entirely sure why, but many a reader question centers on the ubiquitous (or so you would think) maggot. We’ve written about maggots on the bathroom floortwice – and we’ve also touched on maggots found in bone marrow and maggots and dogs. What’s more, all of these maggot-related articles were written recently, within the last half year or so. Clearly, there is no shortage of reader queries about maggots.