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Dried-up, Red Worms Near Plant Pot Could be Earthworms or Bootlace Worms

“I have found this worm for the fourth time (found two yesterday, and one the day before), less than one metre (approximately 3.3 feet) away from my plant pot”, writes Mrs. Wood about the red, worm-like organism pictured below. “I use rainwater to water my plants. I also have a cat, which is indoors. The worm is dried up. About one centimeter in length (0.4-inches). I zoomed right in on him. I can see his funny shape, rounded ends. Even the food he was eating inside him. He is a dark red color. I hope it’s just an earthworm, but I need your advice. I’m worried that it could be some parasite. Could you please help?”

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Glossy Worm Found in Bathroom is Actually a Brahminy Blind Snake

A long, glossy worm was found by this reader’s five-year old daughter in their restroom. Our reader wonders if we can tell them what type of worm it is that their daughter found.