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Mysterious Worm Found on Laundry Room Floor

We aren’t able to identify the specimen our reader found in his laundry room. We don’t think it is related to his pets or a parasitic organism. If any of our readers recognize this creature we invite them to comment below!

Larva by dime
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Small, Brown Worms on Trash Cans and in the Laundry Room

A reader wrote to us the other day about “little worms all over [her] laundry room,” which is near a closet that holds the trash. The small, brown worms are “all over the walls, the floor, the trash/closet, washer/dryer, even hanging from the ceiling from single thread webs.” However, they are only in this one area of the house, so apparently the worms originated in this area and haven’t spread. The reader is wondering what the brown worms are, why they are in her house, and how to get rid of them.