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Worms in Your Belly Button (Navel)

A reader wrote us a couple of days ago with an interesting and distressing question. She reports that her “belly button is a little big,” and that sometimes she has “worm like movements” in her belly button. She says this “makes it hard and paralyses me,” and also that it’s “like a battle is going on in there.” Understandably, she wants to know how to address the worms in her belly button – or, technically, the worm-like movements in the area of her belly button – as she has been dealing with the problem for years. What’s going here?

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Intestinal Worms

Did you know that at any given time, the human body might be infected with any number of intestinal worms or parasites? Some are microscopic while others are visible to the naked eye. Some intestinal worms or parasites are found more often in animals – e.g., the bloodworm, which typically infects horses – and others may affect humans more often, such as the roundworm.