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Are Worms (Worm Oil) and Maggots (Maggot Oil) Healthy to Eat?

We received a peculiar question a little while ago about eating worms and maggots, or more precisely about consuming worm oil and maggot oil, which we presume is just the oil produced by worms and maggots when they are cooked. The reader is wondering if this oil is a healthy fat, and also whether it is okay to consume at night. The reader seems to use the word “maggot” to mean “edible worm,” so we think he is mostly curious about the oil of any worm that can be eaten (which are in fact almost always larvae), not about maggots specifically, at least as we might understand the word “maggot” (the larval form of flies). Basically, the reader seems to be asking for nutritional advice about worms and worm oil (or larvae and larvae oil).