Worms in Ice Machine 2
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Larvae in Ice Machines

A reader wrote to us recently about some larvae in the ice machine of her company kitchen. The larvae are in the drain pipes of the ice machine, which raises the obvious question of how they managed to get into this tight space. The reader was also curious exactly what kind of larvae she was finding, although she never actually uses the word “larva” or “larvae.” (She only says “they look at wiggle like a worm,” which we are having trouble parsing. Maybe some sort of pun on “wiggle” and “little,” which means that “at” is supposed to be “a”?) Finally, and naturally enough, she wants to know how to get rid of the larvae in the ice machine. So, we are faced with three related questions: what are the larvae in the ice machine, how did they get in there, and how can one get rid of them?