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Hookworms and What They Look Like

A reader wrote to us about hookworms, or what are believed to hookworms, afflicting his dog. Having observed the worms, which the reader described as 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch long with rounded (or perhaps “hooked” is the better term) ends, he asked what hookworms look like. We’ll address this specific question, but we’ll also say a few remarks about hookworms in general, just in case some of our readers are not familiar with this common parasitic worm found in dogs (and other mammals, including humans, for that matter).

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Dogs with Worms

Dogs with worms will show a number of symptoms that will tell you that he has an infection. With the exception of heartworm, most dog worms will cause similar symptoms.

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What is the Most Common Worm in Humans?

The adult pinworm, which is small, white and threadlike, develops in the body’s large intestine and lays its eggs in the anal region. The female pinworm can lay up to 15,000 eggs at a time.

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Home Remedies for Worms

Most herbal or home remedies should be taken orally for a minimum of two weeks. Some individuals may complain of re-infection. To help avoid this, it is very important to change your eating habits immediately.

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Intestinal Worms If Left Untreated

Some of the most dangerous symptoms such as anemia, protein deficiency, and vomiting can cause major health problems such as muscle loss, weight loss, osteoporosis, malnutrition, mental illness, and even heart disease.

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Worms Survival in the Human Body if Left Untreated

If left untreated, worms in the human body can cause everything from anemia to rashes to weakness. And according to CNN Health, an adult tapeworm can live up to 20 years and grow up to 50 feet long.

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Can Worms Grow In Your Hair?

Most worms that infect humans need something to feed on. Some attach themselves to the walls of the intestines and feed on everything in sight, while others may feed on tissues and blood in other parts of the body.

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Treating Worms in Dogs

Fleas are a major source of certain types of worms, such as tapeworms. When a dog accidentally swallows an infected flea, worms can hatch in the dog’s intestines.

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Signs of Worms in Dogs

In addition to recognizing signs of worms in dogs, it is important to recognize what the different types dog worms look like. Round worms look like spaghetti and tapeworm segments look like grains of rice.

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Worms in Canines

The only type of canine worm that can be fatal is heartworm. Symptoms of other dog worms are easy to detect, but the most obvious signs of heartworm are coughing and hiccupping.

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Human Tape Worms

Certain types of parasites are found more often in animals, such as the bloodworm, which typically infects horses. Other types of parasites may affect humans more often.

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Worms in Dog Feces

In addition to finding worms in your dog’s feces, other symptoms to look for include weight loss, vomiting, a dull coat, weakness, and coughing

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Canine Intestinal Worms

One of the easiest ways to detect canine intestinal worms is to simply examine your dog’s feces. This can be accomplished by sight alone.

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Tropical Parasites Worms

In fact, parasitic worms currently infect more than 250 million people worldwide and some are more serious than others. Some of the most serious parasitic worms are tropical parasites/worms.

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Hook Worm Diagnosis and Treatment

Hook worm is a condition characterized by an infestation of parasites in the intestines of animals. Intestinal parasites that are quite common in cats and dogs, particularly kittens and puppies. They can also infect humans.

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Hook Worms

Hook worms are intestinal parasites that are quite common in cats and dogs, especially kittens and puppies. They can also infect humans. Hook worms (also written as “hookworms”) can be found throughout North America, but some types of hook worm are more likely to be found in tropical and semitropical regions. There are several types of hook worm including: A. caninum (canine hook worm), A. braziliense (canine and feline hookworm), U. stenocephala (Northern canine hook worm), and A. tubaeforme (feline hook worm).

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Killing Hookworms in the Soil

Killing hookworms in the soil is an elusive process and as of this writing no commercial applications exist to do the job. However, a few simple preventative measures will aid in inhibiting or killing existing hookworm infestations.

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Hook Worms – A Global Problem

Hook worms can be be transmitted by contaminated soil or feces. Currently it is believed that as many as one-fifth of the world’s population is infected with hook worms.