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Of Heartworm and Humans

A reader asks, “How do you get heart worms in the human heart?” Naturally, we at All About Worms are not medical professionals of any kind and our statements should in no circumstances be taken to constitute medical advice, but we do believe we possess a set of knowledge items germane to this reader’s concern. The reader asks specifically about those types of worms, if any, which may invade the human heart, a concern which is understandable both because of its obvious consequences for human health and due to the fact that popular accounts of heartworm tend to center on its occurrence in dogs and other animal hosts.

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Heartworm Pills by PetMeds Pet Medication

Iverhart Max is another heartworm pill available for dogs only. Available through PetMeds, the chewable pill has a pork liver cereal flavor with a bit of artificial beef helps when it comes time to get a dog to actually take their medicine. Iverhart Max treats heartworm disease, roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms.

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Pet Meds Heart Worm Pills

In addition to sponsoring PetHealth101, PetMeds offers consumers access to specially-trained veterinary pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and customer care specialists that will work together to meet the needs of its consumers.

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My Cat Just Coughed Up A Worm!

If your cat is coughing up worms, please contact your vet immediately. Don’t waste precious time online! Coughing up worms could be a sign of heartworm — one of the most dangerous types of worms in existence today, and the deadliest type of parasite infection for dogs.