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“Worm/Snake-looking Things” Plague This Woman for Three Years and Requires a Medical Professional’s Opinion

“I have been finding these worm/snake-looking things in my house since I moved in” states this reader in her query. These “things” have been found all over our reader’s home and she has been experiencing symptoms at the same time; she says the situation has become “traumatic” and would “greatly” appreciate our thoughts on the subject.

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Knot of Gordian Worms Captured by Reader in Iowa

Recently we received a query about a “bug/parasite/worm” that one of our readers in Iowa captured, who went on to elaborate that there are “actually […] two different ones.” The first photograph looks to be some kind of pink creature, with long appendages that snake out from the main body, and the second image showcases what looks to be a tangle of dark brown/black colored worms.

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12-inch Black Worm Found on Lawn is a Horsehair Worm

A worm of about 12-inches was found on this woman’s lawn in North-East Louisiana. No photographs were provided, but our reader states that the long worm was “thread-size” and black. She adds that she has never seen a worm like this before.