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Noodle-Like Gray Worms in Swimming Pool May Be Roundworms

“I just found these after vacuuming my pool” says this reader about a tangle of gray worms pictured below in the photograph our reader sent us. “They are quite long and active” and are “at least two inches” in length. “What are they?” our reader asks.

gray worm in toilet
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Gray Worms in the Toilet

We received a fairly confusing question from a reader about gray worms in the toilet. Actually, the gray worms (or grey worms if you prefer this spelling) were not in a toilet, but in a “potty,” which we are assuming is a trainer toilet of some variety or another for your children. The reader is hoping she found a “fly larva,” and that no one in the family has any sort of parasitic worm infection, and for this reason she wanted us to identify the gray worm in the toilet.