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Worms in Your Garden

We recently received another question from a reader about worms and gardens, which is a perennial topic of concern among our readers. If you are into gardening, you have to pay attention to worms. Our reader found some worms under a dead plant near her house. A couple of the worms were somewhat long, around six inches in length, but one of them was short and plump, at least relative to the long worms. Thinking the worms would be good for the soil, the reader moved them into her garden. Upon doing this, it occurred to the reader that she might have introduced something into her garden that isn’t conducive to its health. After all, she found the worms under a dead plant, and she worried that the worms might have caused this plant’s death. More generally, the reader was wondering, what worms are suitable for one’s garden?

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Where Did All The Earthworms Go?

If you noticed that the earthworms in your soil seem to be disappearing, chances are they are not getting the things they need to survive or their habitat has been disturbed. Without earthworm’s survival, sadly, all of earth’s plants and trees would suffer.

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How to Get Rid of Milkwood Tree Worms

Without earthworms, your precious pecan tree, milkwood tree or apple tree could not survive. Earthworms play an important role in helping the earth’s trees, plants, fruits, and vegetables thrive.

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Worms and Snapdragons

The culprit is likely a budworm. Budworms begin to eat the minute they emerge from their eggs. Although tiny, these worms can do major damage. They eat holes in flower buds and blossoms, and the more they eat the bigger they become.

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Worms That Eat Flower Buds

To find out what kind of insect has been gnawing away at your flowers at night, you have to catch them in the act first, then identify them. Once you have identified the culprit, you can explore control options.