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The Impact of Thin Black Worms on Plants

One of our readers asked about the impact of “thin black worms with many legs” on her plants. We believe she is probably dealing with millipedes, and that she shouldn’t worry because they are typically beneficial.

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Worms with Lots of Legs: Millipedes in the Garden

A little while ago, we received a question from a reader about millipedes in her garden. Actually, the reader asked about the “worms” she found, but for reasons that will soon become clear, she definitely found millipedes in the garden, not worms. (People commonly mistake millipedes for worms – no harm, no foul.) She also sent a very nice picture of the millipede in her garden, which we have included below. The reader’s question was twofold: first, she was wondering if she found worms (no, although millipedes are sometimes called “thousand-legged worms”), and she was also wondering if these “worms” (millipedes) in her garden were harmful to her flowers and vegetables.