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Red Worms All Over Breaded Green Beans

“Found these in the Birdseye breaded green beans!” writes Susan about the tiny, maroon worms pictured below. “Yuck! Are they parasites? Concerned that my family and I have been eating these before seeing!” Yuck indeed: Susan seems to have lived many people’s worst nightmare, finding worms in their food. It reminds us of that scene from Mousehunt where someone finds a cockroach in their food. In any case, we have to tell Susan right off the bat that we will not be able to confirm or deny if these are parasites.

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What Are Cod Worms?

If one were to look up ‘cod worms’ on the internet, one would be met with a plethora of woeful tales of people finding worms in their fish. Ranging from personal accounts posted on social media to articles published on news sites, the cod worm has made quite the buzz on the internet.