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Stringy Worm in Washing Machine Needs a Medical Professional’s Eye

“Can you please identify what type of worm creature/larvae this is?” asks this reader in her submission regarding the long, stringy, worm-like organism pictured below. “I live in Daytona Beach, Florida. I also live in the suburbs and have a well, not local city water. I had washed some towels in baking soda & vinegar, as my husband had changed the tub faucet earlier that day. When I went to take the towels out of the washing machine, this creature was sitting on top of the inside top part of the washing machine. I believe it could be a whipworm, but am having a difficult time 100% confirming this. If you could please help identify this, we would appreciate it. Thank you! One paranoid wife.”

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Slick, Black Worms Found in Florida

A reader recently wrote to us about a black worm she found on the wall of her house. The worm is also described as “slick” and is about four inches long. The reader’s house is on the east coast of Florida, in a town called Fort Pierce. So, the reader’s worm is from Florida – it is a Florida worm, if you will, although of course the worm she discovered might be found in any number of other places depending on what it is. The reader was also concerned if the worm is dangerous or harmful, as she has a nine-month-old baby in the house. What is this black, slick worm from Florida, and is it harmful?