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Dark, Small Worms Found in Minnesota Lake Pose Concerns for Residents About Invasive Species

“When I came out of our northern Minnesota lake in early October (cooling off on a warm fall day), my legs and swim trunks were covered in over 100 small dark brown to black larvae/worms”, writes this reader to us in his submission. “My guess is that they detached from the weeds that I had walked through and floated onto my legs. It is a deep (50 ft) soft bottom lake. Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera to take any photos. I saw an article on midge fly larvae but none of these were lighter-colored (all very dark) and they were all about 3 mm (0.1-inches) in length and 1mm (0.04-inches) in diameter? I would not call them slender. They didn’t fall off easily but I was able to brush them off. My neighbors say they have never seen this before and we had multiple new (to our lake) watercraft put in at our shore this summer so my main interest/concern would be whether this might be some sort of invasive species.”

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Worms as Fish Bait: A Brief Look

“I am seeking insight into how common it is for fish to encounter earthworms and/or aquatic worms”, states this reader in his submission. “I am aware that fish use a keen sense of smell to find food and are often triggered by movement to prey on organisms.

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Interesting Facts About Wax Worms

Wax worms look like dull white caterpillars. They have thick bodies and a dark head. After mating, the female wax worm will lays her eggs and the cycle will begin again.

earthworm in dirt
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Types of Fishing Worms

Red worms are quite easy to use as bait as they can survive a wide range of temperatures ranging from 38 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Once on the hook, the red worm becomes quite active.

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What Do Mealworms Eat?

Mealworms are packed with protein and they are considered low fat. Surprisingly, mealworms are consumed by humans in some parts of the world.

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K&E Plastic Worms

K&E plastic worms are mostly 5 ½ inches long and they come in all colors such as black, black and white striped, black and red, black and yellow, natural, pink, orange/yellow/natural, chartreuse, grape (purple), brown, wine, and pumpkinseed

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Creme Plastic Worms

Today, Crème Lure Company still manufactures its original Crème Plastic Worm lineup as well as newer products such as Lit’l Fishie, Mad Dad, Shrimp Tease, and Devil’s Tongue.

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Plastic Worms

There are a wide variety of artificial and plastic worms on the market that can be just as effective as live bait. Although there are many artificial and plastic worm retailers to choose from, one of the world’s top artificial worm retailers is Mann’s Bait Company.

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Raising Fishing Worms

Not all worms thrive under identical conditions, so its best to stick to one type of worm. It is also good to stick to one type of worm if you are interested in maintaining a small scale “worm farm.”