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Is it Safe to Eat Worms?

A reader wrote to us a while ago asking about a worm he found in his food (chicken chow mein, more precisely, although this probably isn’t relevant). He was wondering what kind of harm the worm could cause him, although it isn’t clear if he is worried about the health consequences of eating worms, or if he is wondering if the worm’s mere presence in his chow mein could cause him problems. We presume he was primarily concerned with the direct consumption of the worm, so our primary focus will be whether or not it is safe to eat worms, but we will also touch on the health repercussions of eating food in which worms are found.

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Eating Insects in the Philippines

A reader recently wrote us a very concise and particular question: “What is a favorite worm meal for Filipino people?” That is the entirety of the reader’s email, so evidently the reader is only interested in the fairly limited matter of what insects are consumed in the Philippines. (Or we suppose he is technically interested in what worms are eaten in the Philippines, but we’ll have to broaden the focus a little to include insects in general.) So, without further delay, what type of insects or worms do Filipinos enjoy?