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Long Worm Found in Toilet is a Lumbricus Rubellus Earthworm

A reader recently sent in this image of a long, brown worm she found in her toilet. She is trying to determine if the worm is an earthworm or an intestinal parasite.

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How Light and Heat Affect Worms

While light will not kill a worm on contact, the effects of sunlight will. If a worm spends too much time in direct sunlight, usually one hour, it will become paralyzed.

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Earthworm Mating Habits

When earthworms mate, they cover themselves with sticky mucus. The sperm fertilizes the eggs. Once this occurs, a ring of slime forms around the worms’ bodies.

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10 Great Earth Worm Facts

These ten great earthworm facts will convince you that the earthworm is an amazing creature. Test your own knowledge against these 10 great earth worm facts!